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MapFormer is the real-time 3D map renderer for Unity. Our plugin can be used to create applications or games based on real world geographical data.

The plugin allows you to easily show maps based on data from OpenStreetMap. It will take care of interpreting the data, build all meshes, and perform caching of downloaded data.

With MapFormer you can extend and modify various elements of the plugin to create the application or game you like. The plugin is easy to use and you can customize every element of the map inside the editor.

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Highly customizable.

MapFormer provides lots of options to build and create a customized game or application.

  • Apply your own buildings and map styles, or use ours for a quick and clean look;
  • Easily add custom looks to buildings by type or tag;
  • Freely use our collection of hand-crafted custom buildings to complete the feel;
  • Easily add tags, pins or any custom game object to a geographic location;
  • Very scalable: the plugin works on everything that can run Unity: In VR, on PC, console, mobile or websites.

Full 3D Geometry.

The plugin offers full 3D geometry. All objects can be interacted with or customized with as Unity game objects.

  • All objects are Unity game objects and can be fully manipulated;
  • Full 3D geometry allows a wide scale of applications.


  • Run on any system capable of running Unity, From high performance VR systems to mobile iOS or Android devices.
  • Custom themes and visuals, including a beautiful default theme;
  • Uses OpenStreetMap format data or binary compressed format for faster loading;
  • Online and offline maps. Downloads data from OpenStreetMap servers or packed in locally saved data.
  • Includes GPS component for optionally GPS tracking for local map views.
  • Fast multi-threaded loading and unloading of map data;
  • Coming Soon: Option to rent highly optimized data servers. Available option will range from a fixed number of requests per month, to renting completely managed servers. The Plugin will also work with open-source OpenStreetMap servers.

A product of Idle Hands.

Idle hands is a Dutch company that designs, develops and markets games, applications, plugins and services in virtual reality and augmented reality. The company’s focus is the development of VR and AR applications. Besides game development, Idle Hands has close ties to the web development world and develops tools and solutions for gamification, serious gaming and data visualization for the B2B market.

Order Mapformer.

Create your application or game in virtual reality or augmented reality with the MapFormer Unity plugin. You can order the MapFormer Unity plugin through the Unity asset store and start creating your own application or game right away.

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